Factors Affecting The Cost Of Working With A Private Skin Care Manufacturer

by Terrence

The cosmetic or skin care industry is a complex market. The hardest part of running a skin care or cosmetics company is product development. You must develop an idea, work on a formula, test it, and make changes before producing and releasing it to the public. This takes a lot of time, effort, and know-how. This is where private label manufacturers. These companies will take care of all the production details, and more so you can focus on other elements of the business. People often compare the cost of working with a private label company to not. This post looks at elements that affect the cost of working with a private label skin care manufacturer.

How much does working with a private label skin care manufacturer cost?

The following elements typically influence the cost of working with a white label cosmetics product manufacturer;

1. Types of products

One of the primary elements the private label skin care manufacturers will consider when developing your quote is the type of products you need. The cosmetics market is quite vast. There are numerous types of products. There are unlimited options from creams, lotions, serums to makeup products and sunscreens and oils. Before partnering with a white label manufacturer, the first thing you must do is determine the type of products you want. You may choose to focus on a single product or go with varieties. Your choice will determine the amount of money the company charges. Some products are cheaper to manufacture than others.

2. Products quantity

The quantity of products will also affect your quote. Most wholesale manufacturers have a MOQ. This means that you cannot go below the MOQ. However, you can freely go beyond it. The number of products will naturally affect their cost. Private label companies manufacture and package products. The packaging quantity is usually determined beforehand. This can also influence the cost. For instance, 1000 packets of facial serum in 100g bottles will not cost the same as 1000 packets in 250g bottles.

3. Formulation and raw materials

The formulation is a significant influencer of the cost of working with a private label cosmetics manufacturer. The formula usually determines the type of raw materials needed. Naturally, some raw materials are more costly than others. Therefore, the company will develop your quote based on the formula for your products.

4. Additional services like branding

Besides product formulation, production, and manufacturing, some private label companies offer additional services like logo and package design development, warehousing, and shipping. Naturally, the more services you choose, the more money you pay. It is worth mentioning that not all private label companies offer these additional services.

5. Location

The location of the private label company also affects the costs. Different states have varying tax requirements, licensing, and operational costs. Therefore, a company will determine the costs of their services depending on their location and how much money they use to offer services and operate. This is why private label companies in European nations and Asian nations do not charge the same.


Working with a white label company is relatively cheaper and less stressful than working independently. Therefore, you may want to start looking for a reliable and affordable white-label manufacturer for your cosmetics business

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