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Our mission

To provide innovative apps that make everyday life easier for people. We believe a sustainable economy is when businesses and customers work together, ie, they both need each other.

We also wanted to charge the ‘barest’ of fees. Drawing inspiration from Jamie Oliver, the ‘naked’ chef, and of course, Richard Branson’s Virgin brand, we came up with a single word that would embody our Mission Statement.

By lowering the cost of doing business, small businesses (who are the backbone of any economy) can be more sustainable. When the corner store is doing well, everybody wins.

Hey, you can also send and receive gifts overseas too





Let’s set the scene

Everybody loves using apps. But no one wants an app for every store. That's why food delivery, apps like Ubereats and Deliveroo work because customers can connect to all restaurants.
So, when it comes to buying gifts, people want the same access to retailers, restaurants, day spas, jewellery and fashion, homewares, electronic games, everything.

Answer: Nudigift

Download Nudigift here

Look at the awesome things you can do

Nudigift gives customers access to all their favorite stores. Not sure what to buy someone? No problem, just connect to them and you'll see exactly what they want on their Wishlist page. Now you can gift them right in the app.

And it’s a complete system for businesses too

Nudigift really puts traditional stores back on top. And it's so afforable, even single location stores can get a fully featured system for the price of a coffee a week.
Download Manager app for iPhone
Download Manager app for Android

So, how does it work for businesses?

While most other apps require you to provide a discount and sacrifice your margin, only Nudigift actually increases both revenue and margin.
Statistically, gift customers represent a clear boost to business. For every gift sold, there's a 72% chance the customer will spend more than the gift value. How much more? 38% more.
While most other apps require you too provide a discount and sacrifice your margin, only Nudigift actually increases both revenue and margin.
Here's how the Nudigift 3-step system works..
Step 1 - Add a gift button
Add a gift button to your website. Now your sales are automated, and instantly updated to your app. No more time consuming vouchers. No more expensive gift cards. It's all on the app
Step 2 - Use the Manager App
Use the Manager app to issue and redeem gifts. There's even a separate cashier password so business can still be done when you're not there. With full reporting available, everything is at your fingertips. Zero back office work for you.
Step 3 - Searchable on Customer app
Your business is searchable on the Customer app. Add your logo avatar to keep your branding front and center. This additional exposure doesn't cost you a cent either. It's all in our low, flat fee.

Simple up-front pricing for business

Many gift cards charge 2-3%. You don't see it because it's embedded in your merchant fees. But you pay it. With Nudigift, you'll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year.
Only one fee
We only charge 1% of all gifts ordered (plus regular merchant fees)
$ 1% Monthly
Got a question?

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